Psychosomatic disorder/limitation

Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). A psychosomatic disorder is a functional limitation which involves both mind and body. It's emotions that manifests physically. 

  • Examples of how the mind affects the body are everywhere. Some are commonplace: tears are a physiological response to a feeling. Blushing occurs when the blood vessels of the head and neck dilate and become infused with blood. It is an instantaneous and uncontrollable physical change seen on the surface but reflecting a feeling of embarrassment or happiness that is held inside.
  • The word psychosomatic refers to physical symptoms that occur for psychological reasons. Tears and blushing are examples of this, but they are normal responses that do not represent illness. It is only when psychosomatic symptoms go beyond the ordinary and impair our ability to function that illness results.
  • Psychosomatic disorders are conditions in which a person suffers from significant physical symptoms – causing and manifesting into severe physical symptoms and disability – to which can't be explained by medical tests or physical examination.

Reference: Dr. Suzanne O' Sullivan, 2015.

In my case, it is my feet and hands/wrists that have lost their ENDURANCE. It was a response by my subconscious to protect me from what it perceived as "harm" over a long period of time when my conscious wouldn't listen. Months later, when life didn't pose as a "harmful" anymore, the endurance in my hands and feet, for unexplained reasons, did't go back to normal.

Instead I've learnt to live with my situation. I've learnt that negative emotions makes it worse, so for the past 17 years I have trained my brain to be positive and happy. Positive emotions, I've noticed, creates less of an apathetic feeling physically and more endurance. Of course I can still feel sadness, frustration, and other negative feelings in different areas of life, but I have the tools to transcend them quickly.

Due to my unexpected journey, through tears, shame, hopelessness and fighting, today I can say that my psychosomatic limitation has made me:

-Super creative in finding solutions to problems & challenges
-Conscious, self-aware & tuned in to my emotions
-Choosing the positive over the negative
-An expert in understanding, handling and dissolving emotions
-A consciousness "geek"
-A mindset guru!!

-Sujatha Elena Kristensen