Why choose Package Three?

  • You are aware of what AREA you are seeking CHANGE in and/or are feeling stuck in. 
  • You might have tried other things like mindset-work or positive psychology practices, but it didn't give you the desired result. 
  • You are ready to work with methods that may be beyond logic to you mind - but whatever works right! 
  • With eight sessions it will allow us to work both on past emotional and mental blockages ("baggage", that we need to clear to lay a new foundation), AND tap into and work with FUTURE subconscious blockages to create the success/results you want.
  • You want to work over a longer period, up to six months, with support along your side tailored just for YOU.
  • You want to invest in yourself and your own personal development over a longer period of time. 
  • Doing this amount of sessions,  will not only give you results, but you will also get a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the work, and you will learn to see the patterns! Enough so that you can carry out some of the techniques on your own without my support. THIS knowledge and increased self-consciousness, will be GOLD worth to handle your own future challenges. 

What does it include?

  • 8 private sessions online á 80 minutes each.
  • Can get in touch with Sujatha in between sessions to ask questions or get calibrations.
  • Bonus material - meditation audios, scripts, occational training videos.

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