What does a “BIGGER” life imply?

A bigger life is a life where you become the best version of yourself.

It’s where you deal with old emotional bagage, gain higher self-esteem, become more in-tuned and conscious, become balanced within and experience more and longer moments of happiness and inner peace. The road to get there isn’t always going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Welcome to read below when and with what I can help you.

-Sujatha Elena Kristensen

“If you can get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”
-Eckhart Tolle


What help can you get?


Detoxa & Upgrade your life

När du går igenom en förändrande period i ditt liv och behöver hjälp att uppgradera och “detoxa” ditt liv från dåliga mönster, negativa relationer, tankar och känslor.


Physical & emotionella issues

När traditionell vård, inklusive läkare, psykolog, KBT-behandling inte har gett dig det önskade resultatet och du är nu öppen för att prova ett holistiskt tillvägagångssätt.


Eating disorder & low self-esteem

När du vill bli frisk från din ätstörning. När du är redo att möta dina negativa känslor, skapa nya vanor, nya tankemönster och göra en förändring i ditt liv.


Performance & nerves

När du är sångare, artist eller talare och kämpar med nerverna inför ett framträdande. Kanske kämpar du även med negativa tankar och låg självkänsla, men du är redo att göra en förändring. Dessa enkla men kraftfulla och verktyg har koppling till forskning och kommer göra stor skillnad tids före och på din stora dag.


Goals & Momentum

När du vill ha mer än en företagscoach. När du insett att din framgång är en reflektion av vad som pågår inombords. Och just nu är du verken i fas eller har flow i ditt företag. Vilka begränsande tankar cirkulerar i ditt huvud? Vilken känsla skapas? Du är nu redo att uppnå mål och momentum med ett holistiskt synsätt.


For the spiritual entrepreneur

När du vill utöka dina spirituella verktyg för att kunna hjälpa dina klienter ytterligare eller mer effektivt. Då utbildar och utvecklar jag dig. Tillämpad kinesiologi för att kalibrera medvetenhetstillstånd, känslor, tankar, åkommor m.m, EFT-knackningar, lösa upp begränsade tankar.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch anyways, and we’ll see how I can be of support.

Vad säger några av mina tidigare klienter om mig?


The online sessions with Sujatha have been really helpful, she is very insightful and has a calm and positive way, and I felt well supported as we worked through some very emotional issues. I always feel relieved, stronger and more grounded and positive when I have a session with her, and I have resolved some emotional and health issues that I have been carrying around all my life. Thank you so much, Sujatha!
— Katharina Seidler, Energy Psychologist, Spain.

I am very grateful for process that Sujatha has taken me on. It is a very active form of sessions/therapy where one get be part of the process and finding ones own deepest mental or emotional blockages. Sujatha make one feel very safe and seen. What she does in the sessions is to ask the difficult questions, guide you, give you courage, facilitate and carry out the energy transformation with you, which for me have been amazing, deeply touching and transformational. I would want for everyone to try this process for any situation that you are perceiving as overwhelming, difficult or stuck in. As a transformational energy therapist, Sujatha is calm, tuned in, engaged, loving, and has the ability to go beyond the surface and read in between the lines. 
— Elisabeth Antonsson, Örtterapeut, Sverige.


Months of fatigue, lack of energy, apathy, worry and stress, I chose to do sessions in Energy Psychology with Sujatha. She was able to identify and help me dissolve the limiting beliefs that provided my suffering. After each of the three sessions, I felt peace, freedom and a higher level of consciousness. Sujatha is professional, has a humble approach and provides trust.
— Sarah Axelsson, Communication Strategist, Sweden


I have a gift. It is bigger than myself. With this gift I wish to help make the world a better place, even if it’s just a little, one person at a time.

About me:

I use a holistic approach - mind, body, soul - when working with clients. Initially, I have a degree in Economics. However, in 2008 my world crashed. No traditional healthcare could help me and over the next three years I fell deeper and deeper into despair, feeling helpless and hopeless. Until one day when I met an energy psychologist, and a whole new world opened up to me with new tools and possibilities. I was able to heal old emotional wounds, face my demons, and re-gained my hope. Even my physical pain eventually left my body. I had an awakening and much more than I ever could have imagined. After this, and another traumatic event in my life, I decided to change my career path. So I went back to university, graduated with a new degree in behavioural science and psychology, got certified as a mindfulness instructor, training to become a therapist in energy psychology, and opened my own business and practise.

The awakening that she did for me, is what I want to pass on to you!

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