Intentions vs. Goals

Intentions vs. Goals - Shifting from pressure to pleasure!

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Have you ever felt that goal has made you feel stressed out and pressured? That it is consuming your energy – draining you over time, like you’re running a marathon trying to get to the finish line? And if you didn’t reach it in time; meaning you failed, and it made YOU feel like a failure.

If this is the case, you are not alone! And this blogpost is definitely for you!

And maybe it’s time for you to learn about using intention setting instead, at least when it comes to achieving or reaching something on a personal level. 

But what are intentions? And how do they differ from GOALS? WHY do I personally prefer intentions over goals? Why are they so powerful?

Throughout this past month of January, I reached out to individual people in my network and asked what their intentions for 2018 were. Some replied with one thing, others with a list. But the one thing that became apparent to me was that no one wrote their intentions…Instead, it was what their goals were. Isn’t that interesting! I mean, I don’t blame them; we have grown up in a world where goals have always been the way to achieve things in our lives. BUT, if if you feel resistance when it comes to setting and achieving a result, I’m here to show you that there is another way!

Let me take you right to the beginning.

It was January 1st 2018, and everywhere around me (on social media) coaches and entrepreneurs where promoting roadmaps to "Create your goals for 2018". Everywhere I looked I saw the word GOALS. Nowhere did I see the word INTENTIONS. As an Energy Psychologist, intentions has a much bigger focus and place for me, than goals.

But it wasn't always like this...I used to be an atheist who loved the logical stuff, goals included. Numbers and maths were my thing (yes that’s true)! It took me all the way to a Master's degree in Economics (can you imagine!)... until one day I hit rock-bottom...

...At the age of 22, I got badly mistreated by a chiropractor. And for the next three years I was in excruciating pain in my groins and hip-muscles to the point that it nearly cost me my life!

That’s when I was introduced to Energy psychology, healing and consciousness work by a lightworker and Energy psychologist in Spain, and it completely transformed my life til this day!

light energy

...Anyhow, back to January 1st 2018 - I was sitting at home at my kitchen table, and I just felt in my heart to put out a different vibration in the media jungle than goal “racing” (as I’d like to refer to it as instead of goal setting).

COLLECTIVE INTENTIONS I decided to call it – intentions that weren’t just for me, but for any person out there, YOU included (especially since you’re reading this :).)

So without really knowing how this was going to go, but just having a glowing, warm, exciting feeling about it, I got started. One collective intention to be created, designed, and posted once a day for 30 days on social media, was my intention. And here we are, 30 days later with 30 beautiful intentions for 2018 that we can use anytime this year when we feel uncertain of ourselves or lives, as a friend of mine put it so eloquently.

Maybe you’ve seen the posted 30 intentions on my social media?...

summary of best intentions.png

...If you haven’t, no worries, you can still access them both on my Instagram page and my business Facebook page anytime to inspire you throughout 2018.


Collective intentions - WHY?

There are two main reasons why I chose to do this. Firstly, “the power of many”. This means that instead of just doing the intentions on my own, there is a greater power when a collective group (i.e many people) are setting the same intention. On an energetic level, the vibration is strengthened! That means it will be easier, like riding on a wave, to reach the destination.

And secondly, intentions instead of goals, calibrate HIGHER on the scale of Level Of Consciousness (a map derived from the research on human consciousness by Dr. David R. Hawkins). This is very interesting and I will get more into detail on what this is and means on a more practical level later in this blogpost. (So read til the end and don’t miss out on these juicy details!…)

Ok. Let’s get down to business. 

(There will be a downloadable worksheet at the end of this blogpost for you to create your own intentions for 2018, so let me start by empowering you on the subject of intentions first to get you equipped and ready). 

Understanding Intentions

So WHAT are intentions then? 

An intention is a form of hope, purpose, attitude towards doing something. It has a softer vibe than a goal does. It is less aggressive and it doesn’t have desire as the underlying driving energy (desire calibrates low on the Map of Level of Consciousness – I will explain about this in a next section further down). Instead, it has a joyful, willing, and loving energy behind it. That is also why there is a great power to intentions when done thoroughly (such as through reminders, anchoring & visualisation). 

While goals are very specific, and are either reached or not (yes/no), intentions cannot be failed at; either you have achieved it a little, up to a lot or completely, i.e intentions are scalable. Therefore, pressure is eliminated. Now you might say, “Well, will it ever be reached then?” The answer is: Yes, but maybe also no. That might be frustrating to you. But let me inspire you with the following: What if it’s not about the destination, i.e the end result? What if it’s about the process, what you will learn and how you will feel along the journey? As humans we evolve and grow and the destination you set out for today may not be the same you long for in one or two years. Therefore having a specific goal on a personal level (not corporate) may not always be the most ideal… Intentions which has a focus on the process and the now, can shape the end destination which may change slightly or a lot over the course of the process. 

An intention is like “the chanterelle effect”

There is a psychological phenomenon called “the chanterelle effect” (you know the orange mushrooms in the forest). What this means is that once you find one chanterelle in the forest, you suddenly start seeing them everywhere.  This is because what you hold in mind (i.e what your brain focuses on) will start to appear, even though the object was there all along.  Let me give you another live example. Have you ever wanted to get pregnant and have a baby? Suddenly, every time you walk out, you see pregnant women everywhere!!! This isn’t because there weren’t any pregnant  ladies around before – this is because of what you hold in mind you see. Suddenly you notice them everywhere! 

Same goes for intentions; one you’ve anchored an intention into every cell of your being, your brain will on a subconscious level look for and see opportunities that will make your intention possible to carry out.

Pressure is taken off because intentions don’t have to be time-specific, and that’s totally fine. It’s more an inner knowing, in every cell of your being, that once you start the process, or even just think about it, it makes you smile and excited!  Pressure to PLEASURE.

_What you focus on will eventually find you._ (1).png

Law Of Attraction

This goes hand in hand with The Law Of Attraction (LOA)! Maybe I would even go as far as saying this is how you can boost the LOA method. Why? Because attracting and manifesting something only works when the vibration and energy you send out is genuine, loving, positive that and you are non-attached to it (this only happens above 200 on the Map of Consciousness, and ideally you want your emotions and thoughts to be aligned at the level of 500, which is at the level of love for your intention to happen). Being not attached to your "wantingness", means on an energetic and practical level that your attitude is "it ok if it happens, but it's ok too if it doesn't". And this is the non-logical aspect,… by not desperately wanting something, flow is created and whatever it is that you try to manifest, will come to you ever to easily and effortlessly. Maybe you can even think of a time, when something came to you where you didn’t have to force it? Like it was effortless? —->If yes, then you know what I’m talking about!

Why the LOA doesn't work?

If instead you lust something, crave it, want it out of fear or jealousy, it has the underlying energy below 200, and maybe even as low as 20 or 30 (i.e shame or guilt). Because your "wantingness" holds this low underlying energy, that most of the times people are not consciously aware of, what you try to manifest will not take place with easy or at all, ---> therefore you start to force it, and it won’t appear in your world or life you may eventually give up or say this method doesn't work!... But it isn't about the method, it's about your underlying energetic attitude towards it. Transcend that, and your outcome will be completely different. (I do this all the time with clients and it's amazing to see how things in their lives change). 

What it means to calibrate underlying energy -

Map of Level of Consciousness

Consciousness researcher, psychiatrist, and spiritual teacher, Dr. David R. Hawkins was an American who helped thousand of people during his recent lifetime. Hawkins has been the biggest inspiration in the work that I do with clients, and the way that I view the world, myself, my thoughts, my emotions and my possibilities. As I mentioned at the start of this blog post, these therapeutic tools in energy psychology literally saved my life back in 2011. And that is the main reason why I want to pass this forward – energy of emotions, Map of the Level of Consciousness, limited beliefs, how to transform your life, etc.

Just as Dr. David R. Hawkins, I’ve been taught to use Applied Kinesiology (AP). In other less fancy words, Kinesiology is called muscle testing. So what is muscle testing? —> Hawkins found was that our muscles react weakly to negative emotions and to things that doesn’t support life (he calls this falsehood). Whereas our muscles react strongly to positive emotions and to things that support life (he calls this truth). Let me give you a simple example:

When you have been sick with, let’s say, the flu… How has your body felt? I bet you're going to say: weak, lack of energy, tired like you just want to stay in bed or the couch all day? Yes? Similarly, if you’ve even broken up with your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife… you also feel that lack of energy, tiredness, weak. Right? 

On the contrary, imagine instead that you have fallen MADLY in LOVE, or that you have won the lottery… Imagine how do you would feel in your body? I bet you're going to say energetic, strong, like you could run a marathon at any moment, right!?

Conclusion: we can see that positive events create positive emotions, which have a strong effect on our muscles and thus our body. Whereas negative events create negative emotions, and have a weakening effect on our muscles and thus our bodies.  

By Dr. David R. Hawkins

By Dr. David R. Hawkins

Everything is energy

Now let’s take this a step further…

Hawkins found that anything in the universe can be calibrated as either having a positive or negative energy, affecting us either strongly or weakly on a physical plane. This is because everything is energy. Emotion stands for energy in motion, thus emotions are energy too. Every thought, object, occurrence, is at its core, is energy - a vibration. And as we know, vibrations can either be high or low in frequency. Thus, even the energy of goals and intentions can be calibrated too. If the underlying energy is positive, then it will support you and take place in your life with ease (I call this FLOW). But if it doesn’t support you, you start to push  it to make it happen (I call this FORCE) – which is when you will experience stress and pressure - and you will easily get you burnt out or drained from energy. Know the feeling, right?

So, a quick calibration showed that GOALS overall, only calibrates at 185, which on the Map of Consciousness is labeled as negative energy of emotion - pride and demanding. If goals hasn’t worked well for you in the past, here we have an explanation! Anything that calibrates under 200, you will have to force to make it happen. Whereas anything above 200, will come to you with ease, like flow. "Flow vs. Force" I call it. Hawkins refers to it as Power vs. Force (which he has also written a scientific book about). 

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is revolutionary INSIGHT!!


Goals vs. Intentions

To summaries this blog post I have created a model that shows the difference between goals and intentions that you may use and come back to at any time :). 

By: Sujatha Elena Kristensen

By: Sujatha Elena Kristensen


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