Love is a HABIT

LOVE IS MORE than a feeling.

Love is more than just something we can experience in relationships.

Love is a way of living, a way of thinking. A way of acting from.

In quantum physics, love is a frequency. A vibration.

It contains a certain amount of energy. That energy is far grater than shame, guilt, fear, anger, pride and any negative emotion. That is why we feel good when we experience the love frequency in our mind and body.

👉Love is a HABIT. Just as anything else, it is no different.

You have probably heard the phrase “love is a choice”. What I believe that means, is that we CHOOSE a habit – loving thoughts, loving intentions, loving actions UNTIL they become HABITS. At first this may be difficult because we are so used to our old ways which occurs on autopilot. Changing our ways takes energy and effort which our brain resits. But with CONSCIOUS intention and CONSISTENT daily practise we can condition ourselves into a new habit of acting and thinking from a space of LOVE. Our new habit can then become our new autopilot.

Creating a loving habit is no different from a bad habit or any habit. A habit is a habit. The only difficult thing is creating a new one or replacing an old one.

The choice is yours. Do you want to change your life? Live and feel more JOY and HAPPINESS?

You CHOOSE how conscious you want to be. You choose how many times in a day to stop, be still and reflect. You choose if to live through the eyes of love.

It’s your choice to make that a HABIT.

Then LOVE too can become a habit.