Sensitivity is a gift. Not a drawback.

Hey there beautiful,

I'm Sujatha Elena Kristensen, I'm 31 years old from Sweden but have lived around the globe. I am super passionate about Consciousness & Energy Psychology and helping people to grow by understanding, allowing, and transcending one's negative emotions.

I am a highly sensitive person, but since the World negatively labels that, I've decided upon a new term: Sensitive Gifted (hence the name of my website). If you're a Sensitive Gifted person too, I can definitely say that I understand your heart and I know your struggles. We are on this journey called LIFE together, beautiful! I am so happy to be sharing my first post with you!

Today's theme is vulnerability. It's a bit scary, but I want to share my heart with you. Maybe you will be able to relate to some of the things I write in my poem below.

Dear World,

I am not like everyone else,
Some days I am strong,
Other days I am fragile.
I am like the weather that fluctuates.
Sadness, or rather tears are a relief,
and afterwards comes the sun
In the sky, just as in me.

I haven’t got it all figured out,
I am definitely not perfect,
But I’m trying to be vulnerable with myself
Saying its ok to feel, show and be all that I am
I am learning and growing along the way

Some people might not understand me,
And maybe that’s ok.
Because on the flipside I meet people that
I instantly connect with on a heart to heart level,
beyond time and space.
And it’s beautiful.

Today I am filled with love, fear, worry, and gratitude.
And that’s ok. That’s who I sometimes am.
It doesn’t define me. My awareness does.
I am never more that my consciousness.
I’m on this journey of self-love.
No one said it was going to be quick or easy,
But it’s going to be worth it.  

Come on a journey with me!

With Love & Light,
Sujatha Elena