Future global leader on Consciousness practices and Energy Psychology.

Sujatha is a change facilitator, energy psychologist and public speacker.
She has grown up with Danish parents in Sweden and Dubai, and has lived around the globe.
She helps people around the world to live a bigger life and reach their goals by shining light on what's in the dark.
Her sensitivity and intuition are great assets in the work she does.

My Story:

As a result of being bullied and suppressed feelings of shame and none-worthiness for years as a child, I one day, when I was 14 years old, noticed that my left foot stopped functioning fully. Doctors couldn't help and I was left in the dark not knowing how to deal with life in a completely new way. And my dreams of becoming a professional dancer were crossed. For the next ten years life was a struggle with frustration, shame, guilt, sadness, hopelessness and anger. At 17, I even developed bulimia. Luckily after four years, I was able to cure myself. But my psychosomatic limitation (emotions that have manifested physically) in my feet lived on. 

At age 24 my life completely crumbled apart, due to an induced physical injury by a chiropractor. I hit rock-bottom and wanted to take my own life... Telling my parents how I felt was the hardest thing! But thank God I did. My father found a specialist physiotherapist in Chicago, USA, and within a week I was flown over to receive treatment. Once back, I was lucky to be introduced to an Energy Psychologist. Over the course of the next few years the tools of Energy Psychology re-built me, healed me, empowered me, raised my frequency - it TRANSFORMED my entire life!

Because I still live with the psychosomatic limitation in my feet (since year 2000) and later also in my hands (since year 2012), I keep on expanding my knowledge to understand the human psyche and its' connection to emotions and the body to uncover the TRUTH and heal myself. In this process, I want to share with YOU all that I have learnt so far that has made me a happier, balanced, successful and empowered person. 

Photo by   Thomas Ohlsson   .

Photo by Thomas Ohlsson.